Why are your notebooks not squared ?

Because I am not very fond of squared notebooks, I feel that they inhibit the writing.

Why are there so few pages ?

Because it is rare to finish a very thick notebook and because I prefer having different notebooks for different occasions. On top of that, a thick notebook is heavy and it puts too much extra weight on my back when I’m carrying it around (as my chiropractor told me).

Why are the notebooks on Amazon marketplace ?

Because Amazon takes care of all the logistics (receipt of the payment, the printing and the delivery). As a self-publisher, I would not be able to do this for the same price. However, I would like to find an alternative solution.

Where are the notebooks printed ?

It depends on the purchasing site (Amazon.fr, Amazon.com etc.). For any orders made in Europe, the notebooks are printed in England.

If I am not satisfied with the notebook, can I return it ?

Yes, Amazon’s policy allows you to return a notebook if you are not satisfied with the product.

Why are each of the notebooks only available in one colour ?

The colour of every notebook was chosen according to its theme. To offer other colours did not seem appropriate to me.

Why are there no links to social networks on this site ? Is this an oversight ?

No it’s not. For me, social networks are time-consuming and I don’t like to lose time. Nor do I like to make others lose theirs.